New Sighting In Google Search – How Satisfied Are You With These Results?

Ok, early this morning I typed a word into Google search that someone had mentioned in a  comment on a product. I was surprised to see a box pop up at the lower right corner of my computer screen, which contained a question from Google about how satisfied I was with the search result.

I thought, hmmm, is this just about this particular word? Or what?

So I typed a local type search, flowers little falls ny, to see if the questionnaire box would pop up.

It did!

Here is a screenshot of that result:

flowers little falls ny 070716 HowSatisfiedWithResults Google Search
Click the image to see the full-size screenshot, which is much more readable than this reduced size image.

I wanted to tell Google “Very dissatisfied”, but wanted to be able to qualify my response with an explanation of why I was dissatisfied. I hesitated to click the unhappy smiley face, until I find out a bit more about the process, and if I would be able to explain my choice.

I wanted to tell Google that I am dissatisfied with the search result because all I see above the fold is paid ads, and none of the advertisers are actually LOCAL businesses. I have to scroll down the page to even begin to find truly local businesses who would provide what I was searching for.

I intend to do some more research on what this popup box is all about, and what the possibilities are for communicating detailed info about my opinion of the search results.

Stay tuned, I will report back when I find out more info on this new development.

Update: I clicked the “very dissatisfied” smiley face and got a quick popup box that thanked me for my response. The box quickly disappeared. So far, I don’t know any more about this new Google feature.

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